Note: Rule change/update coming prior to January 2nd, 2015

 Bradenton Motorsports Park
 Class Rules

Pro Drag Radial

1. 16 car qualified field.
2. Original profile and appearance must be retained.
Factory roof and quarter panels must be used. Stock body lines & profile must be maintained.
No pro mod, panel bodies or full chassis cars allowed.
3. Firewall must be within 2" of stock location.
Firewall will be measured from the centerline of the front spindle to the farthest point on firewall. Engine must be in front of the firewall.
4. Must have working headlights, tail lights and brake lights.
5. Driver seat must be on left side in stock location.
6. Minimum of 3" is required from whatever portion of the vehicle body or frame rail that breaks staging beam to 12" behind front axle centerline.
7. Race Car type suspension required.
Solid suspension prohibited.
Shock absorbers required for all four wheels.
After market suspensions permitted.

Tires cannot be located outside of body line.
Manufacture, model and size information must be clearly designated.
Maximum tire size is 315 DOT radial tire, maximum width of 12".
Drag radial tire only, the use of racing slicks is prohibited.

9. Wheelbase must be within 2" of factory specs.
Maximum variation is 2" side to side.
Wheelbase will be measured from centerline of front spindle to centerline of rear axle.
10. Wheelie bars are not allowed.
11. Cylinder bore spacing is set at a maximum of 5.300".
12. NItrous oxide allowed.
13. Nitrous bottles in passenger area must have approved safety vent to outside.
14. Super chargers allowed.
15. Turbo chargers allowed.
Max size for twin turbo's is 94 mm.
Max size for single turbo is 121 mm.
16. Single power adder only.
Dual power adders permitted on 4 and 6 cylinder engines only.
17. All entries must be self starting.
18. Must have mufflers except turbo's.
19. Must have diaper.
20. Any type transmission allowed.
21. Qualifying will be side by side.
1st and 2nd qualifying runs must be in opposite lanes.
22. Must race 1st round to get 1st round loss payout.
Must take tree under own power.
Must take tree and be qualified car to receive first round money.
23. Bye runs - all vehicles must take the tree and run down the track.
24. Courtesy staging will be in effect.
25. After each qualifying and elimination pass, all cars must stop and weigh at the scales.
If you lose eliminations and your opponent fails to make weight you will be reinstated into the eliminations only if you made minimum weight requirements.
If both cars failed to make the minimum weight, both cars will be disqualified.
It's driver’s responsibility to verify with each scale, the weight of their car prior to each race day.
There will be a 5lb error factor allowed.
26. Tech official have final discretion on all rules on race day.
27. All IHRA Safety Rules Apply.

Ladder - Outlaw ladder will be run. 16-1, 15-2, etc. If not full field, blanks will be loaded for unfilled spots.

2 qualifying runs required.

1st round of eliminations - Opponent broke competitor must notify official timer (in tower) or race director no later than one hour prior to call for first round of eliminations.
If this is done, an alternate will be placed in the last qualifying position, ladder will be reprinted.
If closer than one hour prior to call for first round, opponent broke bye will be run.

Must take tree and be qualified car to receive first round money.

- Minimum 8 Heads Up Cars required for full payout. Must have 16 plus to run 16 car field. All classes run 1/8th mile.

BMP has final say on all rules.

All IHRA Safety Rules Apply.

Car & Driver Weights
Minimum car & driver base weight 3200 lbs.
Weight adjustments - All Cars
1. Naturally aspirated small block.

-1000 lbs.

2. Naturally aspirated big block.

-600 lbs.

3. Nitrous oxide small block.

-850 lbs.

4. Nitrous oxide big block.

-500 lbs.

5. Supercharger or turbocharger small block.

-300 lbs.

6. 4 and 6 cylinder engines.


7. Non 4-link chassis.

-100 lbs.

8. Pre 1974 body styles.

-50 lbs.